Practicals of the master lecture 707712 - Physics of the Climate System, taught to 1st semester students following a Master in Atmospheric Sciences curriculum from the Department of Atmospheric and Cryospheric Sciences (ACINN) at the University of Innsbruck.

How to use this website#

These practicals are written in Jupyter Notebooks (this website is simply an HTML conversion of the original notebooks done with JupyterBook). This website is therefore only here for convenience: in practice, you will download the notebooks from here and run them on your laptop or online. One week’s activities usually consists of a guided notebook (“lesson”) followed by one with questions (“exercise”).


The lecture will be graded based on two assessments:

  • one homework presentation during the semester (not graded)

  • project (30%): final project end of semester (groups of 3-4)

  • final exam (70%): entire course content, end of the semester

A positive evaluation of each of these elements is mandatory to pass the class!

There will be bonus points for pointing me to typos / mistakes / broken links / incomprehensible or difficult passages in the notebooks.

Each week there will be an assignment (unless specified otherwise, e.g. during the group projects). These assignments can be worked through alone or in groups. Each week, I will ask one volunteer group to present their results to the rest of the class on the following week.

The class grants you 5 ECTS if successfully passed: in theory, this represents 8 to 10 hours work per week (not including holidays). For this course, it means that you will spend at least twice as much time doing homework than sitting in class.