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About the panoramas

  • Homepage: Lake La’nga Co and Lake Mapam Yumco near Mount Kailash (Tibet)
  • Research: Field work at Zhadang Glacier (Tibet)
  • Publications: Watzespitze seen from the Steinbock pass (Austrian Alps)
  • Teaching: Zhadang Glacier, Mount Nyainqêntanglha (7162 m a.s.l.), and Nam Co lake (Tibet)
  • Software: Prins Karls Forland (Svalbard)
  • Posts: Valley on the way to Naimona’nyi Glacier (Tibet)
  • Team: Landmannalaugar, Iceland
  • About: Pyrenees, France

Other things

In my spare time I enjoy hiking and climbing mountains, making pictures, and playing music. I started a new music project in Innsbruck recently: Dreizimmerwohnung. During my time in Toulouse and Berlin I had the chance to play with the great bands Inti Watana, Warum Nicht!, and Silly Circus Band.