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Peer-reviewed publications

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New (October 2021): My habilitation thesis (wikipedia) was recently accepted. You can find an online copy here.

Press (selection)

Outreach and education


OGGM-Edu, an interactive platform to learn and teach about glaciers

Outreach videos

A 2 minutes video for the German TV broadcast Puls4, for a series called “climate heros” (that’s a bit too much ;-).

Who is Fabien? A short presentation video made by the University of Innsbruck’s press office.

Online presentations (selection)

Presentation given at COP27 in Sharm-El-Sheik for the Cryosphere Pavillion (ICCI).

The public lecture of my habilitation (online copy here).

For the IARPC Glaciers and Sea Level Collaboration Team Meeting on the topic of Modelling ALL the glaciers: Global glacier modeling. Slides available here.

For the Austrian Society for Snow and Avalanches (short: ÖGSL) on the topic of Open source and Open science. Slides available here.

For the ACINN graduate seminar on the topic of OGGM-Edu: an interactive platform to learn and teach about glaciers. Slides available here