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PhD students

Matthias Dusch (ACINN & Geographie Innsbruck, co-supervised)
Working on modelling glacier length changes in Alps on the base of tree-ring based temperature reconstructions for the last 2500 years
Julia Eis (Uni Bremen, co-supervised)
Working on predictability of glacier mass change
Beatriz Recinos (Uni Bremen, co-supervised)
Working on including frontal ablation processes in the OGGM model
Anouk Vlug (Marum Bremen, co-supervised)
Working on glacier variations in the Canadian Arctic during the last millennium

Master students

Albrecht, A. (ACINN)
Thesis: Influence of soil properties initialisation in WRF simulations over the Tropical Andes of Peru
Castellani, M. (ACINN)
Thesis: Estimating the ice thickness of mountain glaciers using neural networks
Hartmann, M. (ACINN)
Thesis: Sources of air masses and moisture during wet and dry spells in the Rio Santa basin, Peruvian Andes
Hatvan, V. (ACINN and also UNIS Svalbard, co-supervised)
Thesis: Evaluation of the physical SNOWPACK model under arctic conditions
Oberrauch, M. (ACINN)
Thesis: Testing the importance of explicit glacier dynamics for future glacier evolution in the Alps
Schirmeister, Z. (ACINN)
Student helper working on OGGM-Edu
Schuster, L. (ACINN)
Student helper working on the Greenland Caves Project
Trichtl, M. (ACINN)
Thesis: The atmospheric water budget of the Tibetan Plateau in atmospheric reanalysis products
Zauner, C. (ACINN)
Thesis: Can atmospheric models simulate Puspa rains?

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Group photo of the 2018 OGGM Workshop in Innsbruck