Fabien Maussion bio photo


I like writing code and getting involved in open-source software development.

I am a member of , a nonprofit dedicated to supporting the open source scientific computing community.

Here is a list of the projects I actively contribute to:

OGGM is an open source glacier model written in python. Among other things, OGGM participates to the consensus estimate for the ice thickness distribution of all glaciers on Earth and the Glacier Model Intercomparison Project.

OGGM-Edu is an educational platform to learn and teach about glaciers. It is a project inspired by OGGM but separate from it.

Xarray is a Python library to handle labeled, multi-dimensional datasets widely used in the geosciences. Xarray is a fiscally sponsored project of NumFOCUS.


Salem is a small Python library to do geoscientific data processing and plotting. It extends xarray to add geolocalised subsetting, masking, and plotting operations to xarray’s DataArray and DataSet structures.


DownGlacier is an empirical statistical downscaling (ESD) tool developed to retrieve glacier Surface Energy and Mass Balance (SEB/SMB) fluxes from large-scale atmospheric data. It can extend measured (or modelled) SEB/SMB timeseries to longer time periods in a semi-automated manner.


motionless is a Python library that takes the pain out of generating Google Static Map URLs.

Other projects

See my GitHub profile for other projects I contribute to.

In times not so far away I used to develop a bunch of tools with IDL, which are available on request. My very first experience with open-source was for my master thesis, during which I had the chance to participate to the development of Orekit, an orbital dynamics library written in Java.