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Supervised theses (completed)


Hatvan, V. (master thesis)
Evaluation of the physical SNOWPACK model under arctic conditions : An applicability study for the area around Longyearbyen, Svalbard ( Link)
Gregor, P. (master thesis)
Inversion of Glacier Bed from Surface Observations by Cost Minimization : Introducing the Open Source Model COMBINE ( Link)


Kilian, M. (master thesis @ DLR, co-supervised)
Impact of the Eruption of Mt. Pinatubo on the chemical composition of the tropical atmosphere as simulated with EMAC
Cerny, M. (master thesis)
Lake-level changes on the Tibetan Plateau and their Relation to Glacial Melt ( Link)


Schwienbacher, F. (bachelor thesis)
Model sensitivity of the mass-balance module of the OGGM model
Schlumpberger, M. (master thesis)
Wet and dry spells in the Rio Santa Basin, Peruvian Andes, and connections to the large scale circulation ( Link)
Siller, M. (master thesis)
WRF simulation of wet and dry spells in the Rio Santa Basin, Peruvian Andes - A WRF Modeling Case Study ( Link)
Thorlaksson, D. (master thesis)
Calibrating a glacier ice thickness model from in-situ point measurements ( Link)
Zier, C. (master thesis, co-supervised)
Wie beeinflussen großskalige Wetterstrukturen das lokale Wetter in den Anden von Chile? Ein Downscaling Experiment ( Link)


Zolles, T. (master thesis)
Uncertainty estimation of a glacier mass balance model ( Link)
Oberrauch, M. (bachelor thesis)
Calibration and validation of a glacier model applied to the Upper Grindelwald Glacier from 1880 to present
Gstir, T. (bachelor thesis)
Klimasensitivität des Oberen Grindelwaldgletschers untersucht mithilfe des OGGMs