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Supervised theses (completed)


Kilian, M. (master thesis @ DLR, co-supervised)
Impact of the Eruption of Mt. Pinatubo on the chemical composition of the tropical atmosphere as simulated with EMAC
Cerny, M. (master thesis)
Lake-level changes on the Tibetan Plateau and their Relation to Glacial Melt ( Link)


Schwienbacher, F. (bachelor thesis)
Model sensitivity of the mass-balance module of the OGGM model
Schlumpberger, M. (master thesis)
Wet and dry spells in the Rio Santa Basin, Peruvian Andes, and connections to the large scale circulation ( Link)
Siller, M. (master thesis)
WRF simulation of wet and dry spells in the Rio Santa Basin, Peruvian Andes - A WRF Modeling Case Study ( Link)
Thorlaksson, D. (master thesis)
Calibrating a glacier ice thickness model from in-situ point measurements ( Link)
Zier, C. (master thesis, co-supervised)
Wie beeinflussen großskalige Wetterstrukturen das lokale Wetter in den Anden von Chile? Ein Downscaling Experiment ( Link)


Zolles, T. (master thesis)
Uncertainty estimation of a glacier mass balance model ( Link)
Oberrauch, M. (bachelor thesis)
Calibration and validation of a glacier model applied to the Upper Grindelwald Glacier from 1880 to present
Gstir, T. (bachelor thesis)
Klimasensitivität des Oberen Grindelwaldgletschers untersucht mithilfe des OGGMs


Klein, C. (master thesis)
Analysis of air temperature near-surface altitudinal gradients on the Tibetan Plateau
Discher, V. (bachelor thesis)
Extreme precipitation events over the Tibetan Plateau and their spatial and temporal variability


Klein, C. (bachelor thesis)
Validation of the WRF mesoscale numerical atmospheric model: a toolbox prototype for data analysis and visualisation