Homework instructions#


The weekly assignments are here to:

  • help you to work regularly (programming can ONLY be learned by exercising. There is no exception to this rule)

  • help me to see where the understanding problems are, and whether or not I am going too fast

  • allow you to make mistakes

The homework are NOT there to:

  • point the finger on anyone

  • give you a grade

A valid assignment is an assignment which shows me that you have tried, what you have tried, and what worked and didn’t work for you. I don’t care if there are mistakes!

Upload your assignments to OLAT#

Each week, you will be asked to upload your assignments to OLAT. You will have to return either a python script (a .py file) or a Notebook (.ipynb file) depending on the assignment.

You should always upload your assignments before the class on Wednesday (08H00). Each one of you has an open “Homework folder” on OLAT to do so.

Please follow the following convention to name your files:


For example, to upload the assignments for Week 02 (two python files) you should name them: 20220323_Exercise_1 and 20220323_Exercise_2.

The first line of code (or cell in a notebook) should be a comment stating your name and specifying whether you wish to stay anonymous during the discussion in class.

Each week, I will pick two (or more) of your assignments at random as a starting point for the discussion. If you prefer me not to mention your name during the correction, please make it clear. For example, if I wish to stay anonymous, I would start my program with:

# Fabien Maussion. Anonymous: yes
print('Hello World')

Formatting Jupyter Notebooks#

Use jupyter notebooks for what they excel at: combining text, code, and figures. Use the markdown format to structure your assignments, and write text when asked to.


If for some reason you are unable to prepare for the homework, you can use one of your jokers. You have two of them per semester. If you want to use a Joker for this week, simply do not upload any file to OLAT. After two jokers are used, you won’t be able to pass the exam anymore.