Assignment 10#

Due date: 14.06.2023

This week’s assignment has to be returned in the form a jupyter notebook. The content of this exercise wont be part of the exam.

Don’t forget the instructions!

01 - Maps with cartopy#

For this assignment, you’ll need to install cartopy first.

Your task is to make a map as close as possible to this one. It displays the location and elevation of all ZAMG weather stations in Austria. Some pointers to get you on track:

  • the location and elevation of all stations is read from the ZEHNMIN Stations-Metadaten.csv file that you can download here. pandas can read it without any problems.

  • the map is done with matplotlib and cartopy. I build my map based on elements from the following tutorials from the official documentation:

It is fine for me if you don’t manage to do the exact same map as mine. You can be creative as well! Any step towards completion is a good step. To help you further, here are all the imports I used for this task:

import pandas as pd

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

import as ccrs
import cartopy.feature as cfeature
import as cimgt
# your code here